Monday, 2 February 2015

So how do you find out if you're potentially in need of an axle weighing system?

So who are the companies that really need an axle weighing system? And how do they know they might need it?

The first of those questions doesn’t really have  a specific answer. The second one we can gladly help with.

Often, whether there is a need for axle weighing or not is in the eye of the customer. Some organisations insist that their business simply couldn’t operate without an axle weigher. Others, often in the exact same industry, running virtually identical trucks, frequently from the same industrial estate and to the same towns, are equally adamant that they don’t need axle weighing equipment.

In most cases though, those organisations have either never been caught overloaded or more crucially haven’t considered the financial benefits of installing a system.

We have posted details of customers who have reduced journeys by a third by installing an axle weighbridge, others about customers who have found increased payload has meant the systems have been paid for in a matter of months followed by extra profit on the bottom line thereafter and others where the system has added a very handy source of extra income.

The variety of potential users is vast. From a one vehicle organisation which organised bible study exhibitions to the largest logistics companies in the world, we have supplied them all with axle weighing equipment. And every one had their own important reasons for installing a system.
Avoiding an overload on a single 3.5t van is just as important for that operator as maximising the load on a fleet of maximum weight artics is for another.

And no one axle weighing system is right for every operator as can be seen from previous posts.
So we offer a free consultancy service to talk through the customer’s requirement. This is vital to establish exactly what he is doing, what he wants from the system and what is the best equipment for the job. Sometimes that consultation leads us to recommend a supplier of a different type of system. Even sometimes recommending not buying anything at all.

How do you know which axle weighing system is best for you?
There is no typical customer for an axle weighing system. They are all different, all with different fleet profiles and different requirements. So getting the best advice on what is available, what it can do and whether it will actually do the job is vital.

With experience in this specialist field spanning over thirty years and covering the full range of the product requirement from design to manufacturing, installation and final commissioning all done by in-house professionals, the technical advice on offer is unrivalled in the country.

Axle weighing and axle weighbridges are all we know.

And the best thing is the advice is free.

Whatever you’re running, whatever your industry and whatever your aim - just the one van or a large fleet of artics, organising specialist exhibitions or moving the biggest machinery in the country, avoiding overloading or wanting to squeeze the very last kilogramme onto the truck - the advice is always free and always the best we can give.