Monday, 14 September 2015

Waste weighing? One customers tale.

The RWM is THE exhibition for anyone handling or processing waste in any way, shape or form. 

So with the Show starting at the NEC tomorrow (15 September 2015) and running for the three days, it seemed appropriate to tell a story of how we improved efficiency for one of our customers in this sector.

H W Martin is one half of a public/private sector alliance that each year processes over 60,000 tonnes of dry recyclable materials collected by the council from the City’s 715,000 residents.

Six days a week material is delivered to the three acre site in Hunslett, where a team of 40 people sort it into its various categories using a highly mechanised system, with over 95% going for re-use. The constant flow of vehicles required a system for the fast and accurate weighing of both inbound and outbound vehicles to trade standards.

Limited space ruled out a conventional plate weighbridge but a better option was found with our dynamic weighbridge. This occupies a floor space of only 3 by 1 metres and vehicles are weighed in motion as they pass over at about walking pace.

Inbound and outbound axle weighbridges were installed as the site operates a one-way system with separate entrances and exits.

Further efficiencies came from the integration of the data coming from the two weighbridges with ISYS software. Data can be consolidated and stored for reporting and accounting purposes and weighbridge tickets can be instantly printed out. The use of a CCTV system to read number plates provides additional back-up.

 Our own in-house construction team undertook the work, which involved preparing the pits into which the weighbridges are placed and ensuring an absolutely level approach to them.
Fast, accurate axle weighing using an Axtec Dynamic system

The Axtec dynamic is the most accurate of its type in the world and has official certification that verifies accuracy to within 0.25%.

This is the same system that is the choice of the government body DVSA (Driver & Vehicle Standards Agency) for its national network of vehicle weight enforcement weighbridges.

So pleased were H W Martin with the finished result that they asked us to construct the pits for the loading conveyors, which also needed to be carried out to a very high standard of accuracy.

So if you’re looking for a fast, accurate, space saving solution for your waste weighing application, come and see us on stand 5P151 at the NEC this week and we’ll be pleased to show you what we can do.