Monday, 30 August 2021

Are you coming to the CV Show

A little later than usual but it’s finally the time of year everyone who is anyone in transport heads to the NEC for the CV Show. 

Axtec are an ever present at the show having exhibited in all its formats since day one and this year we’ll be on stand 5G42 in hall 5. After skipping a year in 2020 for obvious reasons everyone is excited to be back in Birmingham catching up with old friends and meeting new ones and we were never going to pass up the opportunity to once again set our stall up at the NEC. 

Whilst buying everything on-line has become normal for all of us these days, buying highly technical equipment really needs help and advice from an expert; someone who knows their product inside out. And where best to meet specialists in the transport industry than its premier industry event? 
See you on stand 5G42 next week!

So apart from exhibitors who have to be there, what will bring people back to the NEC? 

Transport technology has come an awful long way since the first show in 1991 so it’s a great way to pick up new ideas, find out what the latest thinking is and find new solutions to old problems. And some things just cannot be gleaned from the internet. 

For instance, Axtec have picked up an awful lot of maintenance work in recent months. But looking on the internet for a new service provider may not be the best option. 

Only by talking to someone face to face can the full requirements for equipment calibration, approach levels, platform height adjustment etc can be discussed and potential issues identified. 

Not every detail about a product or its installation and calibration requirements be listed on the internet and a huge factor is the existing customer work environment. 

Taking a day out of a busy schedule to visit the NEC is never a wasted day. Talking face to face to an expert about a highly technical installation may well be the most productive thing to do that day. 

So make a note of the dates – August 31st, September 1st and 2nd and we’ll see you there.

Tuesday, 23 March 2021

Getting the best advice on axle weighing is vital.

 Axle weighing is a unique branch of the weighing industry. Many of the accepted rules around obtaining accurate weights don’t apply.

An employee who recently joined us from another weighing discipline said he’d had to ‘throw away’ just about everything he’d learnt about weighing in the past. And learn all about the technicalities and peculiarities of axle weighing.

And it’s a form of weighing that so many people think is easy to do. But in trying to do it, they make some horrendous mistakes.

Correctly installed Axtec Dynamic System

For instance, we go to great lengths to ensure the approach concrete is laid to the correct tolerance.

So when a customer asked us to check out an axle weighbridge installed by someone on the brow of a hill, it didn’t take long to prove why it was inaccurate.

Another cheap system we recently encountered needed to have the weight indicator sent overseas every time it developed a fault! Weeks of downtime was the result.

Both of these installations have now been replaced with a highly accurate Axtec system with correct concrete approaches which, if they should ever fail, can be fixed on site by an engineer fully trained and equipped to deal with axle weighing.

Getting it wrong can not only be costly to correct but could also mean falling foul of the law.

Another recent customer had attempted a cheap repair on his system using a foreign made indicator and was horrified to learn that the system was now no longer legal for Trade weighing.

For months he had been using the system for invoicing at risk of falling foul of Weights & Measures legislation.

At worst, it could have closed his business down.

All Axtec’s senior employees have been engaged exclusively in axle weighing for many years, over 40 years some of them.

We have learnt, and are still learning, about how to weigh axles accurately. And we certainly have far more knowledge than anyone else about this unique field.

So if you want to make sure you get the system installed correctly, maintained correctly and be fully compliant with the necessary legislation, we would be pleased to offer the benefit of our experience.