Thursday, 8 June 2017

The best thing they ever bought?

It’s always nice to hear from an existing customer about how one of our systems is helping them make a profit.

And Ford & Slater, one of DAF Trucks’ largest UK dealer groups, visited us at the CV Show to  tell us they had made annual savings of £19,000 since installing one of our dynamic weighbridges.

The had previously incurred the costs and time penalties when weighing off-site, and were prompted to invest in the system after learning the same equipment had been installed at Leyland Trucks in Lancashire – the UK assembly plant for right-hand-drive DAF vehicles.

Ford & Slater have been installing Axtec OnBoard for five years now and need to weigh vehicles for calibration purposes. Knowing that the Leyland assembly plant had been using an Axtec Dynamic for a number of years gave them the confidence to install their own.
Ford & Slater's Axtec Dynamic Axle Weighbridge

And added to the substantial saving made in time and costs of visiting local weighbridges, the install time of the system and delivery times to customers has also significantly improved.

The total installation cost which was under £20,000.00 has been virtually recouped in the first year of operation and thereafter the system is adding to the companies profits.

The Axtec Dynamic will weigh any current or projected road going vehicle in around 40 seconds and is the most accurate system of its type in the world.

Axtec took responsibility for the complete installation from planning the location to all the civil works and final commissioning and testing using our unique axle weighbridge calibration vehicle.

Axtec Dynamic was the right solution for Ford & Slater but there is a vast array of systems, software and peripherals in our range. As the UK’s only dedicated manufacturer specialising exclusively axle weighing systems we can offer impartial advice on the right system for your needs.

If there are any axle weighing issues we might be able to help with, just get in touch. And next year you could be telling us about an increase in YOUR profits.