Friday, 13 December 2019

It's not only vans that can be overloaded.

Whilst light vans are often the most vulnerable to weight issues, larger vehicles need to be protected from overloading too.

So there are versions of Axtec OnBoard to suit those vehicles as well.

Two examples of operators of larger vehicles who may have issues with overloading are scaffolding and tool hire companies.

It should be relatively easy not to overload a scaffolding vehicle with poles and boards when leaving for a job. But what about when they come back?

Those nice clean boards may now be covered in mud and dried concrete. As might the poles. And all heavier than they were when they left the depot.
Axtec OnBoard - also protects larger vehicles from overloads

And what if a different, smaller vehicles does the pick up to the one that delivered them in the first place?

Tool hire operators can have similar issues, some possibly caused by helpful drivers.

Again it is relatively easy to ensure a vehicle leaves the depot legally laden. But time and again we hear tales of drivers being sent to collect plant who are asked to take items in addition to those they were expecting.

A driver being helpful to the customer may find that he has inadvertently overloaded his vehicle.

Overloading affects some of the most safety critical components on the vehicle - brakes, steering, clutch and suspension are all adversely affected.

Axtec OnBoard is a cost effective solution to anyone delivering or collecting items such as scaffolding or plant. Even the biggest rigid vehicle can be fitted on site in a day.

Axle and gross weights are displayed as soon as the ignition is switched on. No driver training or input is required and weights are shown on a simple colour display with all overloads shown in flashing red.

And connectivity to a tracking device comes as standard.

Axtec OnBoardrarely if ever needs recalibrating. A simple customer function to reset the zero if necessary is usually all that is required to keep the system in tolerance.

If some of the issues described above sound familiar, just get in touch and we’ll be happy to arrange a chat to see if we can help.