Monday, 27 March 2017

The CV Show at the NEC will open it's doors on 25th April for arguably the most important three days in the transport calendar.

And we'll be on stand 5A79 by the way so come along and chat about all things axle weighing.

Even in this electronically connected world, exhibitions are still excellent for learning new ideas and discussing new ways of doing things. There's still nothing quite like a face to face meeting and getting a real feel for a customer’s operation and needs.

And the people who attend an exhibition and visit our stand have made a conscious decision to take time out of the office to come to the show, to see what's new and talk business.

Many have a specific problem and have to come to talk directly with people like us who have the experience and knowledge to offer a cost effective solution.

One such customer came to tell us that he was operating around 50 box bodies 7.5 tonners and that he’d been advised to fit load cells to them. The costs though were astronomical and although the problem remained, getting a budget to solve it would be an issue.
Axtec OnBoard find out if its right for you at the CV Show

At the CVShow we discussed his needs in detail. And whilst OnBoard system would have done the job a better solution was a Single-Axle Static weighbridge in his yard. Total cost around £7,500.00 and a far cry from the £250,000.00 he had been quoted.

More importantly, he bought the right system for his needs. Fully loaded 7.5 tonners taking products from his factory to his customers' sites with no multi-drop work really only needed to be check weighed before they left his site.

So if you need advice on what is the best system for your needs, make sure you visit the CV Show this year. Even if it's not an axle weighing system you're looking for, there will almost certainly be an expert there with a solution that could save you money.

Monday, 6 March 2017

Axtec OnBoard - use it again and again.

Something that might not be immediately obvious is that an operator can get more than one life out of the Axtec OnBoard Axle Load Indicator.

Designed with the minimum number of components which means there is less to go wrong in the first place, it also means the system is fast to de-install. 

And that means it can be reinstalled onto a new vehicle.

So when you buy a new van, there’s no need to buy a new OnBoard Load Indicator. And because the system uses the same sensors regardless of the van, it is pretty much interchangeable with any van on the road.

So if you’re switching from a Movano to a Transit or a Daily to a Crafter, the system will simply transfer over.

Size doesn’t matter either. Replacing a 3.5t van with a 4t van makes no difference. Even moving up to a 7.5t truck wouldn’t cause any problems either. The system is simply reprogrammed with the new calibration information and it’s ready to go.
Axtec OnBoard On a 3.5t Van

The system is pretty much future proof, using the very latest touch screen technology, which means you wouldn’t be installing old technology into a shiny new van.

Axtec OnBoard shows all the information a driver needs all the time. Axle and gross weights are all shown the second the ignition is switched on. Using a colour display, legal weights are shown in green, anything over 80% is shown in amber and all overloads in flashing red.

Outputs for connection to a tracking device are included with every system using a standard output. That means if you change your tracking system too, Axtec OnBoard will be able to communicate with it.

And the customer calibration facility works with all vans or trucks old or new too.

The age of the system has no effect on its ability to be recalibrated. So it could be fitted to 2, 3 or even more vans.

We have a number of customers who take advantage of the ability to de-install and re-install.

It’s a great way of keeping the cost of running a van down.