Monday, 30 September 2019

How accurate is YOUR axle weighbridge?

The number of customers asking us to calibrate their axle weighbridges has risen sharply in recent weeks.

And all those customers are telling us versions of the same story – they don’t believe it is being done correctly by their current provider.

On being given the calibration specification being used, we were surprised to find that most of these axle weighbridges were only being calibrated up to 6 tonnes.

Given that most 44t artics have axles weighing 8t or more, calibrating to only 6t is bluntly, pointless.
There are two parts to getting a dynamic axle weighbridge calibrated correctly. One is to prove it works as a basic weighing machine. The other is to check that it does what it was designed to do – weigh axles on multi-axle vehicles accurately.

Testing a system with a capacity of 20t with only 6t of weights is far from sufficient to prove the former. And immediately throws into doubt the results from any dynamic testing.

Calibrating an axle weighbridge is not just a case of tweaking the indicator with a screwdriver. The concrete approaches and platform height are vital too.
Axtec have the only specialist test vehicle for axle weighbridges 

Yet one customer had documentary evidence that their weighing platform had not been lifted from the pit for nearly 20 years. So no height adjustment had been made in all that time.

Little surprise then that the systems are inaccurate. Some as much as 3t light.

Imagine the consequences of putting an extra 3t on your vehicle because the axle weighbridge had said it was underweight?

An axle weighbridge is unlike a simple platform scale and requires specialist equipment and knowledge.

Axtec have invested in a purpose designed test vehicle allowing us to calibrate systems up to maximum capacity.

But that is only part of the story.

Knowing what the approach levels are and being able to adjust the platform height are vital.

Maybe we can help you check out your axle weighbridge for accuracy?

Get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.