Monday, 25 April 2016

Are you weight compliant? Get free advice at the CV Show!

The Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS) is one of a number of excellent schemes intended to drive up the professionalism of commercial vehicle operators. For some customers it’s become a requirement in order to win or maintain business.

Operators wishing to join the Scheme need to have in place a number of systems  one of which is a system for ascertaining and recording dimensions and weights of laden vehicles where they are likely to be an issue.

But if your vehicles need to be weighed, which is the best system for doing that?
We know from experience  that no one system will suit every application. We even have customers who have more than one type of system depending upon the circumstances at each location they work from.

With a vast range of systems , peripherals and software to offer we can make sure customers get the best system for their needs.  What suits a grocery distribution centre running maximum weight artics to superstores will probably not be the best system for a delivery company with an ever changing load throughout the day.

Or maybe a set of portable weighpads  for doing spot checks or driver training is what is needed.
Without taking proper advice it’s easy to end up with an axle weighing system which only does part of the job or maybe none of it at all.
Axtec Dynamic axle weigher - but is it the best option for you?

The consequences of making a wrong decision on axle weighing are numerous. Some could even have serious implications. From wasting company money on a piece of kit which doesn’t do the job to possibly risking an ‘O’ licence by sending vehicles out overloaded.

We have a huge number of years experience in this specialist field, some of our people have been doing it for over 35 years,  there aren’t many applications which we haven’t come across before and have a solution for.

And what better place to find out the best solution to your axle weighing problem than at the CV Show at the NEC this week? We‘ll be on stand 5A79 and ready to make our years of experience and expert knowledge available to you.