Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Sometimes a standard product won’t quite do what the customer needs.

We were approached a while ago by a major fleet operator running a mixture of standard artic trailers, double deck trailers and rigids. 

They had an issue with getting them loaded correctly first time to improve efficiency.

Pulling a vehicle off the loading bay, getting it weighed then returning it for the whole load to be redistributed if an overload was discovered was time consuming and expensive. With no guarantee it would be done right the second time either.

Vehicles might need to be loaded, weighed, reloaded and reweighed a number of times.
With several agency staff working in the loading bay during peak periods, training them to get it right first time wasn’t always easy.

A means of alerting the loaders to a potential overload at an early enough stage to make it quick and easy to correct would offer considerable benefits.
Standard Axle Weighbridge - not always right for the job.

But to serve all of the vehicles in their fleet no one system would suffice. A mixture of fixed axle weighbridges and onboard loadindicators would be needed to resolve the issue.

Even so, standard product wouldn’t offer the best solution. So our ability to design, write software and manufacture in-house meant we could offer a bespoke solution.

After taking the time to fully understand what the issue was, a number of potential solutions presented themselves, all of which involved enhancements to the basic products to do the job properly.

Rigids fitted with onboard indicators and axle weighbridges installed at the loading points both with alarm features to alert loaders to the state of the vehicle would go a long way to making sure loading was done right first time. Or at least flag up a problem early enough so that the load could be adjusted before the vehicle was fully laden.

Axtec’s ability to tailor a solution to a very a specific axle weighing problem will mean improved efficiency and big cost savings for one operator at least.