Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Which axle weighing system is the right one for me?

The registration figures for vans would appear to have hit record levels in 2015 according to figures issued by the SMMT.

One notable trend is that buyers are increasingly opting for larger vehicles. Is that to improve productivity or down to a possible shortage of drivers?

Professional operators will always opt for the right tool for the job and many have the ability to specify larger vehicles if their job demands it. But all operators need to maximise loads to squeeze profitability out of their vehicles but in so doing they may run the risk of inadvertent overloading.

Ensuring you get the maximum load on your vehicle is essential but the penalties for exceeding weight limits can be quite severe. The fine is only part of the cost. Sending another vehicle and driver to a prohibited vehicle is very costly especially if you have to hire them in.

The late delivery of your products won’t endear you to your customer possibly leading to loss of business, and the affect on your reputation and your ‘O’ licence shouldn’t be underestimated.
Vans may not be on the ‘O’ licence but if you operate larger vehicles as well, any offences down to your van fleet will affect it.
Axtec OnBoard Load Indicator prevents van overloads

Keeping a close watch on your vehicle weights, including vans, is essential if you are trying to maximise payloads.

But no single type of axle weighing system will solve every problem.

For example, vehicles on multi-drop work could be weighed at the depot, but what happens when the load changes during the day? How does the driver know that when he’s made his first drop from the back of the vehicle, that the front axle hasn’t become overloaded?  What about vehicles which collect rather than, or as well as delivering?

That’s why we provide the full range of systems; dynamic, static, on-board and portable. We work with operators to find out if there is a problem to solve, lend or hire equipment to evaluate, and advise on the best technical solution. 

Regardless of fleet size, we can provide a full support service.

So if you’re trying to squeeze an extra pallet, case, box or anything else onto your vehicle but worried about overloading it, maybe we might be able to help?

Because the costs of getting it wrong could be enormous.

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