Tuesday, 16 February 2016

So how long can you keep YOUR vans off the road?

Another interesting exercise the other day and an opportunity to spread the axle weighing word once more.

We were invited to address the guys at one of the biggest vehicle leasing companies to explain to them the ins and outs of axle weighing –  how dangerous it can be affecting all the major components on the van, how the authorities deal with it, how the insurance companies might react to overloading.

The most relevant system to those speccing up vehicles of course is the Axtec OnBoard Axle Load Indicator.

As often happens with these sessions though, we learnt a great deal as well as bringing our hosts up to date with the latest in axle weighing.

One topic that came up that has clearly been an issue for them in the past when using onboard load indicators is the calibrations. Every weighing system will need calibrating from time to time but some are simpler than others.
Axtec OnBoard  Axle Load Indicator

The issue that caused such concern was the need to keep vans in the yard loaded up and waiting for a service engineer. That’s vans parked up, not earning their keep and waiting for an engineer to visit. An engineer’s visit that will be invoiced.

And what if all the vans aren’t available? Will the engineer have to come back another day followed by another invoice?

When we explained our customer reset facility to our audience, it was as if all their Christmases had come at once.

Axtec OnBoard has a unique and very simple reset facility. This means no keeping vans in the yard waiting for an expensive engineers visit. They can all be out on the road working.

And the resets can be done any time that’s most convenient. Miss one van today? Well catch up with it tomorrow at no expense.

In most cases the system can be reset without loading the vehicle at all.

So, no loading the vehicle, no keeping them off the road waiting for an engineer and no big bill for doing what is a simple routine job.

Which means that your vans are out on the road doing what you bought them for.

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