Monday, 19 August 2013

Axle weighing - buying the right product.

Despite the growth in electronic media, there are some products that really do still need face to face contact.

Most enquiries we receive for axle weighing need a detailed discussion about the customers' operation, the type of vehicles they want to weigh, the location, the information they need from the system etc. And rarely is it possible to get all the information  and make a professional judgement on the right system for the job just by swapping a few emails or a (probably interrupted) conversation on a mobile phone.

Perhaps unsurprisingly many people do not realise what a technical subject axle weighing is and will try to order something from the internet. An axle weighing system though is not the same as buying a TV or DVD player. If you've plumped for a specific make of TV or DVD player, the internet is a great place to hunt down the cheapest supplier and grab a bargain. The same doesn't apply to an axle weigher.

Just about everybody has a TV and it's a widely understood product. People know what they want from it, what it looks like and what it will do for them. Axle weighing on the other hand, despite being around since the late 60's, is not something every transport operation needs and is a largely misunderstood concept. And when they do need it, they really need expert advice on what will be best for their needs.

A lot of expensive mistakes have been made by people having only the vaguest idea of what they want then buying the cheapest product that apparently fits the bill. We know this from our vast experience of helping customers understand why that the cheap system they bought off the web doesn't actually do the job they want.
Portable Axle Scale
Portable weighpads - simple but are they right for your job?

It's the reason we developed such a wide range of systems; because no one system will suit every application.

Because we offer such a wide range of different systems, we can offer free advice on the right one for the job. We never ever sell the wrong product for the job and will always advise the customer correctly even if it's not what they want to hear. It does nobody any favours for us to supply the wrong system for the application. Our reputation suffers and the customer still hasn't solved his axle weighing problem.

We even have customers who have bought more than one type of system to suit different types of their operation. Static axle weighbridges for the main depots, portable weighpads for compliance officers to use out on the road and onboard indicators for those vehicles which operate from the drivers home.

A phone call to discuss your needs won't cost the earth but could save you a fortune.

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