Friday, 30 August 2013

Exhibitions - an excellent place to discuss axle weighing

We'll be attending the Recycling & Waste Management Show in a couple of weeks. Running from 10 to 12 September at the NEC it's now the premier show to discuss all things waste.

In this age of email, mobile phones, Twitter etc, trade shows like this may seem old fashioned and maybe even unnecessary. That couldn't be farther from the truth.

Our experience has shown that if you are selling a highly technical and/or specialised product, electronic media only plays a very small role in the sales process. Some products, like our axle weighing systems, really need face to face meetings, site visits and frequently input from many people with each putting in their ideas and bouncing them off each other.

With 35 years experience in axle weighing, when I visit a client these days I can learn a lot about their operation, the vehicles they run and even possible installation locations simply when walking from the car to meet the client. I can't do that via an email!

If you're selling a mass market product direct to consumers then on line selling, Facebook etc are essential and could well be your main access to your market these days.

But when you're looking for something more technical, it can prove a costly mistake just to Google it and then buy the cheapest you find on line.

The vast majority of our customers approach us with a good idea of what their problem is but not what the solution might be. And as axle weighers come in many formats all designed to perform different tasks, without expert input it would be easy to make an incorrect and expensive choice.

The RWM is an excellent opportunity to meet face to face people who have a problem to solve, to discuss what can and cannot be achieved and how to cost effectively solve their problem.

Here's a typical example.

Two years ago at the Show we were approached by a client who was about to purchase a traditional plate weighbridge. He was about to buy a 'cheap' system he'd found on the internet and had only approached us with a mild interest in our prices. During the conversation we established what vehicles he was operating, how much room he had and what information he needed.

It became clear to him during the discussion that what he was about to buy wouldn't actually do the job he wanted. A site visit was set up and we specified a dynamic axle weighbridge which would weigh the largest vehicle in his fleet, take up far less room and be far easier to maintain and keep clean.
A dynamic axle weighbridge in a waste application
Axtec Dynamic Axle Weighbridge - the right system for this job

None of these issues would have been discovered simply by browsing the web for the cheapest deal.

So long live exhibitions and face to face meetings.

Come and see us at the NEC on Stand 20A21 at the RWM Show and we'll be happy to discuss your needs and see if we can help.

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