Tuesday, 12 May 2020

A very interesting comment....

Keeping in touch with existing and potential customers is proving to be just as important and informative during the Covid-19 crisis as during more “normal” times.

Finding out customers plans for the future, and there will be a future, is extremely helpful for our forward planning so that in the coming months, when a semblance of normality returns,  we will best be able to help our customers.

One conversation with a customer threw up an interesting observation.
Axtec OnBoard Axle Load Indicator

He called to check how our plans were progressing regarding installing his system. The sooner the better according to him as he felt his drivers saw the current crisis as a good excuse to try and, in his words “get away with murder.”

What was concerning him was the number of vehicles he saw leaving his site which he was convinced were overloaded.

And currently he has no means of checking them.

Working in an industry that relies heavily on sub-contractors, a large number of which are currently not operating, his own staff were having to pick up the extra workload and this was leading to additional weight being put on vehicles.

Very difficult to be too critical of the drivers as they are just trying to do their best in very trying circumstances.

But it is well known that overloading has an adverse effect on many major parts of a vehicle, but what is less widely known is that if a vehicle found to be overloaded is involved in an accident, the insurance may be invalidated.

There are other hidden costs too – overloading wears out tyres, clutches, steering and braking components before their time – meaning an increase in maintenance costs.

And an overloaded vehicle uses more fuel too, one of the major costs of running any transport operation.

As for our customer, plans are well in hand to get his system installed quickly but just as importantly safely for both his staff and ours.

So that he can be confident his drivers are doing their job legally, not risking his O-licence and keeping his maintenance and running costs down.

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