Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Do not automatically trust declared weights, invoices or delivery notes..

Such is the advice from DVSA in trying to prevent overloads.

They also make it clear that the operator holds the responsibility for overloading not the customer.

It is though perfectly acceptable to drive to check weigh on a local weighbridge and also to drive somewhere practical to remove any excess weight.

There may not be a suitable weighbridge locally, certainly readily available axle weighbridges for public use can be hard to find, and it may not always be practical to leave the yard to weigh.

A state-of-the-art solution is the Axtec OnBoard Axle Load Indicator.

Fitted on site usually in only a couple of hours, Axtec OnBoard shows all the axle weights and gross weight on a simple colour display.
Axtec OnBoard Load Indicator

Legal weights are shown in green, anything over 80% in amber and any overloads in flashing red.

Instant overload protection for your vehicle regardless of where it is being loaded.

No leaving the site, no weighbridge fees and no dispute as to whether the vehicle is overloaded or not.

Uniquely, Axtec OnBoard can be reset onsite by the customer.

So no expensive service routine visits, no keeping the vehicles in the yard waiting for an engineer to arrive and total control of how and when you keep the systems withing specification.

There are no manual controls for the driver to fiddle with or break and by connecting to a tracking device, real time information on any overloads can be made available.

And the latest version of Axtec OnBoard even offers a high accuracy version for those who need it.

Taking responsibility for ensuring your vehicles are not overloaded when loading at customers’ premises has never been simpler.

Keeping the vehicles safe by not overloading also has benefits in cost savings.

An overloaded vehicle will use more fuel and wear out the clutch, brakes steering and suspension quicker too.

So no need to rely on those declared weights, invoices or delivery notes anymore – Axtec OnBoard will tell you exactly what you weigh

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